Business Forum Group Membership Application

Business Forum Group Membership Application

We are currently accepting applications for 10 very exclusive spots that, if you are chosen, will transform your life and service business and the lives of the people you influence.

To be 1 of the 10, you must already be a leader or an aspiring leader, you must understand the importance of getting your business & your offerings more deeply into the marketplace, building a client base & you must be open to growing.

There is meaningful investment required; investment of your time, energy, & money.  You will need to Commit, Risk, & Stretch in order to be successful in this program.

What you will receive is ONE FULL YEAR of Business Forum Mentoring + Business Life Coaching support that will take you from confused & overwhelmed (not knowing what you don’t know) to competent & successful.  You will be completely set up to deliver Value & collect your service-based client cash including:

  • 4 Quarterly full-day Business Forum Group Mentoring Sessions (value $2,000)
  • 8 Monthly half-day Business Forum Group Mentoring Sessions (value $2,400)
  • 12 Monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 Business Performance Coaching Sessions (value $3,000)
  • Leadership Resources (Books, Workbooks, Handouts, & Assessments (value $500)


The goal of this program is for you to build your flourishing Professional Services Business.  By collaborating with other professionals & facilitated by an experienced expert Business Performance Coach in a safe & supportive environment, you will be on the path to becoming the Leader your future business needs & wants you to be.

Please note that your application may be reviewed by Business Forum Group Leaders in the screening & matching process.  Your information will not be shared outside of these individuals for any other purpose.

Business Forum Groups consist of approximately 10 business service professionals led by a certified Big Picture Coach facilitator.  We follow a program of monthly meetings based on creating your ideal Business & Life, where you are dedicated to creating more than you consume.  We focus on becoming more present & conscious while leveraging & amplifying your passions & gifts to create the Life and Business you deserve & desire.

Applying to join a Business Forum Group does NOT guarantee placement.  We do our Very Best to match you with a great group, but we cannot guarantee it.

If you are successfully accepted into a Business Forum Group as a Member, you agree to invest 12 monthly charges of $297 (Bronze Group), $397 (Silver Group), or $497 (Gold Group) by eBank Transfer, post-dated cheques, or credit card for your monthly membership fee.

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