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Product Jedi Startup Mastermind Group Application

We are currently accepting applications for 10 very exclusive spots that, if you are chosen,

will transform your life, your business, & the lives of people you influence.

To be 1 of the 10, you must already be a leader or an aspiring leader, you must understand the importance of getting your business & your offerings more deeply into the marketplace, building a market & you must be open to growing.

There is meaningful investment required; investment of your time, energy, & money. You will need to Commit, Risk, & Stretch in order to be successful in this program.

What you will receive is ONE FULL YEAR of Mentoring + Business Life Coaching support that will take you from confused & overwhelmed (not knowing what you don’t know) to competent & successful. You will be completely set up to deliver Value & build your product-based profits including:

  • 4 Quarterly full-day Sessions (value $2,000)
  • 8 Monthly half-day Sessions (value $2,400)
  • 12 Monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 Business Performance Coaching Sessions (value $3,000)
  • Leadership Resources (Books, Workbooks, Handouts, & Assessments (value $500)


The goal of this program is for you to build your flourishing Product Startup Business. By collaborating with other Entrepreneurs & facilitated by an experienced expert Business Performance Coach in a safe & supportive environment, you will be on the path to becoming the Leader your future business needs & wants you to be.Please note that your application may be reviewed by Product Jedi Startup Mastermind Group Leaders in the screening & matching process. Your information will not be shared outside of these individuals for any other purpose.

Product Jedi Startup Masterminds consist of approximately 10 Entrepreneurs each led by a certified Big Picture Coach facilitator. We follow a program of monthly meetings based on creating your ideal Business & Life, where you are dedicated to creating more than you consume. We focus on becoming more present & conscious while leveraging & amplifying your passions & gifts to create the Life and Business you deserve & desire.

Applying to join a Product Jedi Startup Mastermind group does NOT guarantee placement. We do our Very Best to match you with a great group, but we cannot guarantee it.

If you are successfully accepted into a PJSM as a Member, you agree to invest 12 monthly charges of $297 (Jedi Initiant Group), $397 (Jedi Knight Group), or $497 (Jedi Master Group) by eBank Transfer, post-dated cheques, or credit card for your monthly membership fee.


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