Patrick coached me some years ago as I was transitioning from Sales into a combined Sales/Sales Manager role. He helped me to learn some new frameworks which helped me to create a high-performance environment for my small new team.

His work with me helped me set and achieve my aggressive goals which has me on the path to early retirement and sharing more time with my family. Years later, I have thrived through a merger and I now lead a team of sales professionals across BC and Alberta. Working with Patrick provided me with the tools to quickly evaluate opportunities and take the necessary actions to be successful.

Patrick’s background and experience in corporate sales and business was helpful then, and continues to be helpful. He brings a great passion to his coaching and we still keep in touch referring business to one another.


I’m writing to thank you for the positive impact that your coaching made on my business and personal life. When I started meeting with you I felt that I was in a job that was limiting my ability to move forward in my career and earnings potential and that situation was making my personal life difficult to enjoy to the fullest.

The perspective that I gained through our discussions enabled me to see opportunities where previously I had seen obstacles. The result was that I changed industries and now, four years later am in a much more positive work environment with far greater earning potential than I ever could have experienced in my previous context. This has, of course had a positive impact on my enjoyment of my family and my personal life in general. I look forward to talking with you in the future.

Michael Doolin

Having been coached for business for only a few months, I’ve come to appreciate how having an accountability partner and a sounding board during a time of great change can be so helpful.

Having Patrick Coach me has helped me to more quickly, comfortably, and confidently make the decisions I needed and wanted to make to help me move my business forward.

Denise Salmon
Associate Broker RE/MAX REALTY

Learning how to start up a business with Patrick was thoroughly an upbeat experience. His extensive knowledge and well laid out material was indeed appreciated.

He continually stressed the importance of being totally organized and shared handouts with me as back up, as well as for future reference. The weekly assignments kept me on track and focused which helped to propel my business forward.

Attracting the right clients can be a challenge but with Patrick’s coaching it helped to put things into perspective.

Everything was covered from a well laid out business plan, to tracking and follow up strategies, office admin., communications with clients for repeat business and necessary paperwork.

I highly recommend Patrick as a Business Coach for speeding up the business process, and for avoiding the many unforeseen setbacks normally experienced in a start up venture.

Thank You Patrick

Linda Stewart

As a business person, you need more than just one person you can master mind with, you need some one that you can count on. At times, Patrick has been that person.

My best advice would be to trust Patrick to the fullest and do as he recommends, it will save you alot of time, money and pain down the road. He has dedicated time to my business when we weren’t scheduled to talk, and he’s always available for a pep talk.

He has helped me become a wiser, more seasoned business person and has aligned me with many great business minds. But as Patrick says, at the end of the day, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK AND DO THE TIME. I continue to work with Patrick regardless of how successful I become. as Patrick says “relentless refinement”, Good Luck to all.

Hani Faraj

One of the greatest gifts I gave myself was hiring Patrick as an executive coach for a year. In just a few months, I felt my stress level drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds.

Patrick was a source of inspiration, motivation, and support. He has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself.

I highly recommend every busy professional to hire an executive coach – even for a month. If you do, call Patrick first.

Paul Foster Manager
Business Banking