The Big Picture for Managers

The Big Picture for Managers

Your online GamePlan for developing your role as a Manager leading others:

  • Career Path
  • Teamwork
  • Manage “Up”
  • Take Initiative
  • Quality Work
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Self-Management
  • High Productivity
  • Personal Balance

Valued at $7,500, for sixty 1-on-1 Training/Coaching Sessions, this is a great value.

You have the position and responsibility needed to make life or business better.  You have the drive and desire to develop your own approach, to control your future, and to deliver on the plan you envision.  You are technically proficient and expertly current in your chosen industry.  You have the ambition and the will to achieve more by playing a bigger game.

Even so, what may stand in the way of your potential success are the many challenges and obstacles that managers like you experience.  These often translate into delays, additional costs, anxiousness, frustration and disappointment that come with unrealized potential.

Top 20 Common Problems experienced by managers:

1. Unclear Future
2. No Development Plan
3. Working Alone
4. Taking On Too Much
5. Ignoring Experience
6. Self-Reliant
7. Reactive
8. Passive
9. Mistakes Repeating
10. Low Expectations

11. Easily Manipulated
12. Victim Mentality
13. Little Care for People
14. Poor Communication
15. Easily Distracted
16. Scattered Habits
17. Low Productivity
18. Inadequate Skills/Training
19. Weak Personal Foundation
20. No Fun, Energy, or Personal Life

These common problems are entirely avoidable.  There is a better way to
launch, grow, strengthen, or massively expand your management scope.

The Big Picture for Managers© is ideal for:
• Sales Managers
• Service Managers
• Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Business Owners
• Managing Partners
• Junior Executives
• Franchisors
• Property Managers
• Professionals

If you are creative, passionate, visionary, and opportunistic, you may still feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  You deserve the successful management environment that results in the potential you know it has for impact and reward.

The Big Picture for Managers© Program is a proven program that helps you take the mystery out of your management role.  The program is the result of work with hundreds of managers like you over the past several years.

This online course design is modeled on The Wheel — humankind’s greatest invention.  It allows us to travel faster, farther, and to carry heavier loads than we could achieve on our own.

What gives the modern Wheel its strength?  The Spokes!  Emerging from a strong central core they enable the Wheel to maintain its form and function.  When spokes are missing or weak, the Wheel is compromised.  Your role as manager is a 10-Spoke Wheel.

Join us today for a journey that builds the Wheel of your successful business.  Go farther, faster and smoother on your important and meaningful path.  Enjoy the standard of living and the quality of life it can afford you and those you carry with you.

Here’s what you’ll get from The Big Pict ure for managers© Program:

A clearer understanding of ALL the aspects that are important for you to develop, build, and operate successfully as a professional manager

  • A systematic process that manages your priorities
  • Higher revenues
  • Lower costs
  • Better productivity & efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels
  • 10 Online Learning Lessons per Workbook
  • 10 Online Workbooks (1 per Spoke)
  • Webinar support for each Workbook
  • Personal Business coaching support
  • Online access to The Big Picture for Managers Newsletter & Blog
  • Training and coaching that helps create new confidence and great habits


With The Big Picture for Managers©, you will receive 100 Learning Lessons across the 10 Spokes that are critical to unleashing your greater potential.  Each Learning Lesson is an essential Skill set, Outcome, or Objective important to have in place.

Unleash the unrealized potential within yourself and your business.  Register today for The Big Picture for Managers©
and see your future open up for you!


The Big Picture for Managers© Program makes you a better manager.  It helps you develop a balanced strength across the 10 areas vital for workplace success.  You’ll have the benchmarks you want and need to evolve as a dynamic management professional — a role you always knew was possible and one that will provide you with what you want.  It helps you solve the questions “What am I missing?” and “What do I focus on next to develop my effectiveness?”

Create the lifestyle, freedom, and choices you’ve dreamed of for yourself and those closest to you.