Campaign/Project Sales Management

Part-Time Sales Management

Fractional Sales Management; Part-Time Sales Management, Training, & Support (for SME’s) 

Key Components Of Program

Fractional Sales Management

  • When you want/need the skills & experience of a proven Sales Manager, but cannot afford one Full-Time.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options for in-person or remote Sales Team leadership sessions. 

Part-Time Sales Management

  • Short-term, project-based Sales Team turnarounds, launches, or sales team mergers. 

Sales Training & Support

  • Sales Mastery 101:  The 6-Step Buying Process & becoming the masterful facilitator of purchasers’ buying process.
  • Why 80% of Businesspeople Miss Out on 80% of Sales:  The Golden dynamic most salespeople don’t understand or leverage.
  • Conversation Arts:  10 phrases which disproportionately predispose prospective buyers toward choosing you. 


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