1My Vision & Mission

My Vision is for a society where many more are experiencing their ideal lives.

My Mission is to help all those who are ready & willing to do what is necessary to change & grow.  To help them visualize, design, & create their own extraordinary life.  To consistently apply the knowledge, tools, resources, & habits that make this a reality.  To realize this result through teaching, coaching, & mentoring both online as well as in person.

Professional History 

Certified as a Business, Corporate, & Life Coach in 2002.  Began Coaching professionally in January, 2003. Since launching The Big Picture Coach in 2005, over 600 business people have benefited from 1-on-1 Coaching delivered weekly or bi-weekly for 1-12 months. Dozens of corporations & organizations have benefited from Team Coaching, Training, or Seminars during this time. Many thousands have experienced The Big Picture Coach in live or online Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Training, or Group Coaching events. Having your best year ever in business affords you greater choices for you & those you care about most in your personal life. Helping you experience a better quality of life on your path to your ideal life is what motivates & drives me. While based in Vancouver, clients have not only come from the Lower Mainland, but from across BC, Canada, the US, and now internationally. In October of 2013, I earned my Master Certified Business, Corporate, & Life Coach status with over 10,000 hours of documented Coaching work with clients across a spectrum of roles, including owners, professionals, managers, & executives. I love people and I love business, and it’s my pleasure to help others integrate these to Have Your Best Year Ever!


I believe people have amazing potential!
I believe most people want to experience an extraordinary life.
I believe the most effective way to experience an extraordinary life is through Teaching, Coaching, & Mentoring.