About Patrick

About Patrick

    • Born & raised in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia to German-born farming parents
    • Patrick learned small business lessons & work ethic by living it from an early age.
    • Actively involved in a wide variety of sports throughout school helped shape his appreciation for training, development, competition, strategy, & proficiency.
    • Aspired to have an impact, which led Patrick to move to Vancouver to further his education & experience.  Patrick is a Son, Brother, Friend, Business Owner, Foodie, Fitness Nut, Sports Fan, Movie Goer, Dancer, Music Lover.

Vision & Mission

Become a Better Leader

Develop the Knowledge, Understanding, & MetaSkills that transform you into the Masterful Business Owner or Leader your business wants. 

Create Balanced Strength

Develop synergistic dynamics between your People & Technology to maximize your Sales, Operational Product/Service delivery, Client Satisfaction, & Profitability. 


Define & Develop the Systems & Processes, Policies & Procedures, Roles & Responsibilities that accelerate scaled business growth. 

Professional qualifications and experience

  • BBA from SFU (Marketing Major)
  • 14+ years in Telecom (Client Relationship Management & Corporate Sales – Telus & BCTel)
  • Master-Certified Business, Corporate, & Executive Coach (20+ years)
  • Certified in CRG Personality Assessment tools (17+ years)
  • 20 year Member of the Surrey Board of Trade
  • 10+ year Member & Ambassador of the Burnaby Board of Trade 
  • 1,200+ individual 1:1 Coaching Clients
  • 90+ team Coaching Clients (Sales Teams & Leadership Teams)
  • 2-time Award-winner of the Consumer Choice Award for the category “Business Coach – Vancouver” (2022 & 2023)
  • Developed 6 Business Coaching courses, 5 Life Coaching courses, & 82 Top 10 Lists
  • About to launch BigPictureMastery.com to be an online resource for personal & professional development for businesspeople.

How we can Help You

    • I help business people do the right things the right way so they achieve the results they really want most.  This is delivered by helping them clarify the ideal activities to invest their time, energy, money, & resources into profit then to engage in highly-focused actions that deliver results
    • When you have business problems that need solving or you have business opportunities that need to be captured, we specialize in helping you with the experience, skills, expertise, & resources that deliver results. 

Growth & Profitability Coaching

Helping you Leverage your Strengths, Address your Weaknesses, Capture your Opportunities, & Protect against Threats through Planning, Execution, & developing a Culture of relentless refinement.

Technology Transformation & Digital Adoption

Guiding you into & through the technology forest to choose the right tools & software to maximize your people’s productivity, efficiency, & profitability through automation.

CRM / ERP Consulting

Providing your Sales Team the skilled & experienced Leadership, Training, Management & Mentoring to develop their proficiency as masterful Sales Professionals that maximize profits.


What clients have said …

Awards & Affiliations

Awards & Affiliations

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